The lighting of archaeological sites: Rome 19 December

New appointment for the Culture Lights project in Rome.
On 19 December the doors of the Curia Iulia in the Roman Forum will open to host architects, lighting designers, lighting technicians and cultural professionals to discuss the use of lighting as a tool for the enhancement and preventive conservation of archaeological sites and buildings of historical and cultural interest.

In such a symbolic setting, we will present some projects implemented in the Colosseum Archaeological Park and try to answer the following questions:

What are the main opportunities and challenges in implementing sustainable lighting systems in archaeological sites or buildings of historical-cultural interest?

What skills should lighting technicians and professionals develop and/or strengthen in order to work in places of historical and cultural significance?

To participate, you must register on eventbrite at this link by 18 December.

The event is organised by Melting Pro and ELCA -European Lighting Cluster Alliance, as part of the Erasmus plus CULTURE LIGHTS project and in collaboration with the Colosseum Archaeological Park.