First event in Poland – 20 december

Join us for a discussion on the risks and challenges of renovating lighting systems in historic religious buildings. How to modernize the lighting of a historic building and implement sustainable solutions under conservation restrictions? How to bring out the beauty of the building using the latest technologies? How to reconcile technical possibilities, expectations of building users and requirements of regulations and standards? How can sustainable lighting contribute to the enhancement and conservation of buildings of historical and cultural value? What are the skills that technicians and professionals from the lighting design and construction sectors should have in order to enhance these places? We invite contractors, designers, conservators, architects, engineersspecialised technicians and users of historic religious buildings to participate in the open discussion on the methods of intervention in buildings of cultural value and the soft, technical and digital skills required.

The event is organised on Tue 20 Dec 2022 in Collegiate Basilica in Miechów (Poland) by Sustainable Infrastructure Cluster and KON TAKT – Association for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage from Cracow, Poland. The meeting will be organised within the framework of the international project “CULTURE LIGHTS: Bridging sustainable lighting and value preservation of cultural buildings” co-financed by the Erasmus+ program

For information and participation write to or call +48 603 525 634