Culture Lights in museums: 14 December workshops

How can sustainable lighting contribute to the enhancement and conservation of buildings of historical and cultural value? What are the skills that technicians and professionals from the lighting design and construction sectors should have in order to enhance these places?

We will talk about this together with representatives of the lighting design and lighting sector and cultural sector operators on Wednesday 14 December from 15.00 to 17.00 at the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia of Rome.

The event is promoted by Melting Pro, ELCA – European Lightning Cluster Alliance in collaboration with the National Etruscan Museum of Rome within the framework of the Erasmus plus project “CULTURE LIGHTS: Bridging sustainable lighting and value preservation of cultural buildings”.

Starting from the telling of the lighting projects just realised in the Sala della Fortuna and the Renaissance gardens of Villa Giulia, we will involve architects, engineers, designers, specialised technicians, museum and cultural sector professionals in an open discussion on the methods of intervention in buildings of cultural value and the skills of the figures involved.


For information and participation write to Laura Bove,, or Olga Patroni